Plant and mineral materials found in the natural world were our first medicines and until very recently were the most potent items in any healthcare providers "toolbox".  While modern pharmaceuticals continue to improve and save countless lives every single day, many individuals and health care providers are coming to realize that in some cases a more measured and conservative approach to pharmaceuticals makes good sense.  Herbal therapy can be a safe, gentle and effective alternative or supplement to some pharmaceuticals and can also help support your course of acupuncture therapy.

I am trained in three distinct herbal traditions.  I hold Maine licensure for Custom Chinese Herbal Formulation, worked as the herbalist at one of the country's premier Ayurvedic clinics and have spent over decade cultivating and using our own local plant medicines of the northeast United States. 

Fairness in trade, organic farming methods and high manufacturing standards in the herbal medicines I prescribe are of the utmost importance to me.  It is for this reason that I do not prescribe custom herb formulas from Chinese herbs at this time.  I do prescribe Western herbal formulas in tincture form.  All of the tinctured herbs I prescribe are Certified Organic and were locally grown right here in Maine at either Avena Botanicals, Herbal Revolution or Blessed Maine Herb Farm. 

I prescribe custom powdered formulas of Ayurvedic herbs.  The Ayurvedic herbs I stock are USDA Organic and Fair Trade certified from Banyan Botanicals.  Banyan's herbs are grown in India on small farms by families who have been growing medicinal plants for generations.  Banyan's owners visit India regularly to meet with their growers and are committed to the long-term sustainability of India's tradition of medicinal plants.

When appropriate I will recommend herbal formulas to supplement your course of acupuncture.  Individual herbal consultations are also available at the regular hourly rate.  Typically only one consultation session is needed with follow ups done via email or the phone.