Tandem Treatments with Hayley Merchant and Sarah Tewhey

Sarah and Hayley have cultivated a way of working together that addresses physical, mental, emotional. spiritual and ancestral issues in a way that is comprehensive and unique. With a deep love and respect for one another, for the work and most of all for their clients Hayley and Sarah’s treatments meet individuals wherever they are and seek to infuse confusion with clarity; grief with reverence; pain with comfort and indecision with a reaffirmation of one’s own inherent beauty, wisdom and gifts.

About Hayley and Sarah

Hayley Merchant is a practitioner of energy therapy who has studied over the last decade with luminaries in the field such as Barbara Brennan, Rosita Arvigo and most recently as an ongoing student of Cyndi Dale.  Hayley works with the twelve chakras and layers of the subtle body and brings to her work a unique ability to hear and then translate the deepest gifts and longings of the human spirit into humorous stories, eloquent insights and deeply relevant information regarding her client’s paths and gifts.

Sarah Tewhey is an acupuncturist of the Japanese Kototama Inochi lineage and has spent over a decade as a student of Jeffrey Meyer.  Sarah’s style of acupuncture relies on her 17 years of study in both Ayuvedic and East Asian methods of pulse diagnosis and the fine craft of both perceiving and accurately treating acupuncture points and meridians, which is the hallmark of Japanese styles of acupuncture.  Sarah works with the matrix of energy that informs and creates the human body and tries to assist her patients in understanding their unique place within the human family.

About the work

Sarah and Hayley see individuals for a variety of reasons ranging from those facing physical pain, chronic illness, mental health challenges or dramatic life changes to individuals who are deeply interested in gaining insight into their lives, relationships and purpose.  The strength of their work lies in the recognition of the natural human truth for every individual who comes to see them and in assisting to provide that individual with the best possible tools to unfold their innate gifts during this time of great transition on planet Earth.

Hayley and Sarah see clients Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 54 Herrick.  50 minute treatments are $100 - $200 sliding scale.  Insurance can be used for the acupuncture portion of your treatment as your policy allows.