Everyone seems to have their own opinion about where acupuncture originated.  Some say it started in China, Sri Lanka or Europe.  Some believe it began 3,000 years ago or more.  What we do know is that acupuncture as a technique has been around a long, long time.  It isn't a fad.  It isn't New Age.  And it isn't going anywhere.


Because it really does work.

We are not exactly sure exactly how those small needles can ease arthritis, soothe depression, shorten the duration of a common cold, assist with the side effects of chemotherapy, calm a hyperactive child, turn a breech baby, alleviate allergies or do the thousand other things that acupuncture does, but those needles do actually work.  Often in miraculous ways.

I practice a gentle and unique form of Japanese acupuncture of the Kototama Inochi lineage that uses between four and fifteen carefully placed needles per treatment.  The needles are thinner than a human hair and are inserted very shallowly below the skin.  In the style of acupuncture that I practice, the goal is to trigger the nervous system as little as possible when inserting needles.  Needle insertion feels like a tiny mosquito bite for the first few seconds.  Once the needles are in place they are usually hardly noticeable. 

The list of ailments that can be treated by acupuncture is exhaustive.  Many physical, mental and emotional conditions can usually be improved with regular treatment.

Areas of specialization and expertise

• Women's Health throughout life

• Pregnancy, birth and post-partum care.

• Pediatrics

• Recovery from Lyme Disease and co-infections

• Mental health concerns

• Grief, grieving and end of life support for individuals and families.

• Ailments that defy diagnosis and treatment by other modalities

What to Expect During an Acupuncture Treatment

Your acupuncture treatment will generally consist of between four and fifteen shallowly inserted needles.  These needles will be retained for anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes.  For some complaints, particularly those related to pain, I may do a second round of needles after the initial needles have been removed.  Additional techniques such as moxabustion, use of a tuning fork, cupping, gua sha, electric stimulation, traditional bodywork or other modalities may be used at this time.  After your treatment we may discuss dietary or lifestyle changes and herbs or supplements that could be helpful.  Treatments for adults are $80-$100 and 50 minutes long.  Treatments for children under 15 are $30-$70 and last 25 minutes.  Children in their first two years of life can be treated at no charge during their parent's treatment session.