Everyone seems to have their own opinion about where acupuncture originated.  Some say it started in China, Sri Lanka or Europe.  Some believe it began 3,000 years ago or more.  What we do know is that acupuncture as a technique has been in continuous use on Earth for thousands of years and that its impact spans several continents.  It isn't a fad.  It isn't woo-woo.  And it isn't going anywhere.


Because it really does work.

We are not exactly sure exactly how those small needles can ease arthritis, soothe depression, shorten the duration of a common cold, assist with the side effects of chemotherapy, calm a hyperactive child, turn a breech baby, alleviate allergies or do the thousand other things that acupuncture does, but those needles do actually work.  Often in miraculous ways.  Sarah uses a comprehensive combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutritional therapy to help you achieve your healthcare goals.

Areas of specialization and expertise

• Women's Health throughout life

• Pregnancy, birth and post-partum care.

• Pediatrics

• Recovery from Lyme Disease and co-infections

• Mental health concerns

• Grief, grieving and end of life support for individuals and families.

• Ailments that defy diagnosis and treatment by other modalities

About Acupuncture

Sarah practices a gentle and unique form of Japanese acupuncture of the Kototama Inochi lineage that uses between four and fifteen carefully placed needles per treatment.  The needles are thinner than a human hair and are inserted very shallowly below the skin.  In the style of acupuncture that Sarah practices, the goal is to trigger the nervous system as little as possible when inserting needles.  Needle insertion feels like a tiny mosquito bite for the first few seconds.  Once the needles are in place they are usually hardly noticeable and many individuals fall asleep during their treatment.  Sarah has spent 13 years cultivating her needle technique is known throughout Maine for her style of gentle, effective and painless acupuncture.

About Herbal MEdicine

Plant and mineral materials found in the natural world were our first medicines and until very recently were the most potent items in any healthcare providers "toolbox".  Herbal medicines formulated by an herbalist can provide safe and effective results for a wide range of concerns and almost never produce side-effects.  While modern pharmaceuticals continue to improve and save countless lives every single day, many individuals and health care providers are coming to realize that in some cases a more measured and conservative approach to pharmaceuticals makes good sense.  Herbal therapy can be a safe, gentle and effective alternative or supplement to some pharmaceuticals and can also help support your course of acupuncture therapy.

Sarah is trained in three distinct herbal traditions.  She holds Maine licensure for Custom Chinese Herbal Formulation, worked for Dr. Vasant Lad as an herbalist at one of the country's premier Ayurvedic clinics and has spent over decade cultivating and using our own local plant medicines of the Northeast United States.  Most recently Sarah has studied with leading herbalist and physcian Aviva Romm in her 18 month Herbal Medicine for Women course for healthcare providers.

When appropriate I will recommend herbal formulas to supplement your course of acupuncture.  Individual herbal consultations are also available at the regular hourly rate.  Typically only one consultation session is needed with follow ups done via email or the phone.

About nutritional therapy

In the modern world we live under a constant barrage of chemicals in our foods, water, air, homes and personal care products.  As our bodies try to adapt to new foreign substances they sometimes struggle to correctly determine what is friend and what is foe; what is nutritional and what is pathogenic. Nutritional imbalances and food sensitivities play an increasing role in our health as our bodies work to maintain homeostasis in a rapidly changing world.  Many complicated and chronic conditions can have nutritional components at their core.  Exploring dietary and nutritional causes for your symptoms, working through an elimination diet, making small changes to maximize your health and occasionally adding targeted nutritional supplements are all available as part of my clinical skills.  Nutritional counseling is part of my work as an acupuncturist and will be included with your acupuncture treatment as needed.